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Jenine Grainer-Iverson, Age 63


Real Estate Appraiser

    Title Nine didn’t exist when I was in high school. There were no team sports for the girls outside of gym class.  I was a fast runner, played an aggressive game of basketball (in gym class) and learned to swim my senior year when our high school put in a swimming pool. I loved swimming and continued that every day on my own for the next 15 years, like a religion. Then I dabbled in Jazzercise, running, some martial arts techniques and…remember this guy?, Billy Blanks Tae Bo videos. Then I stopped (although I did ride the DALMAC the year I turned 40).

    Fast forward to 2009. I’m  56 and seeing that every body part is getting closer to the ground. I hadn’t worked out in ages. I wanted to join a gym and just lucked out.  

    March of 2010 I walked into State of Fitness after seeing the “OPEN” sign while going into Foods for Living. Justin greeted me at the door and gave me the tour. I waited two weeks to join but once inside I had no clue. I worked on the elliptical so I could observe what people did in a gym. I realized I needed help so I signed up for private training once a week.

I was SO scared to work with a trainer because I knew so little and, although I might have appeared to be in shape, I was weak and not in shape at ALL.

    I received so much encouragement and it wasn’t long before I started to see some changes in my strength.  I think the key for me was the excellent training I received; no shaming, no intimidation….and….I really wanted to be stronger since I was getting close to being pretty old.

    Since that time, the Grinnells have created a schedule of classes that will accommodate just about any level of fitness.  I know it’s cliche by now (everybody there says this) but I love my gym; the people (the staff and the members!) there are AMAZING.  Also, I love that the trainers incorporate all aspects of health into their training.  

    How has it changed me?  Let me put it this way (Justin already knows this story).

About two years ago I was helping my son move a sofa up a flight of stairs to his second-floor apartment.  It was a full-size, wood-frame leather sofa.  For some reason, I was on the bottom (my son is 26 and seriously strong, so, what the heck??).  We went up about two steps and I said “Hold it” because it was awkward, I couldn’t see the steps and it was heavy as hell.  I then proceeded to smile, make a HEHHH! sound, push-press my end of the sofa up over my head and carry it all the way up the steps.  It was so much safer, because I could see and I had full control of the carry.  ‘Nuff said.  

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