Sugar is One Hell of a Drug

 A Typical Night

Dinner was a couple hours ago, you are sitting on the couch catching up on the news or reading a book when it hits you. ‘Man I could go for a couple almonds. Wait…no…maybe almond M&M’s. Hold on…maybe just regular M&M’s. Alright an M&M ice cream blizzard.’ I have been there. Your salivary glands kick into overdrive as you start thinking about all the things you know you shouldn’t eat but want so bad.

Why Does This Happen?

If you are craving the sweets after you eat, you could be dealing with a sugar addiction without even knowing it. Now I know addiction is a big bad word, but that’s what we are dealing with here. I mean you just ate, the stomach is full, but the mind sure isn’t. If you are giving into temptation and having something sweet most nights, its time to go cold turkey.

A couple of months ago I was on a sugar bender. My meals were healthy, but then when the sun went down I was looking for something sweet. It got so ingrained in my eating habits that I would be at the grocery store and grab my protein, carbs, fats, and finally some kind of dessert that I could have a couple days in a row after dinner. My meal planning and prep started to include dessert, and boy was I in trouble! need-dis-300x259

Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re a trainer! You know not to eat that stuff! But I am sitting over here like hey you made it through high school health class, you know not to be eating that stuff too! That’s what makes a sugar addiction an addiction, you know you shouldn’t be eating it, but you keep buying the junk! In my humble opinion, one of the only ways to get out of this cycle is to cut the sweets, treats, and desserts out completely.


Here is where people love to find loopholes and ways out.

“This is an organic food bar, but it has chocolate chips and caramel so….” Let me give you a general rule of thumb. If the food item in question was on a table next to a banana, and all the trainers from State of Fitness were watching you pick either the item or banana, do you think they would be disappointed? If the answer is yes, don’t eat it. Cut the crap.

This past Lent, I gave up sweets, and let me tell you the first 10 of those 40 days were really tough. I was straight white knuckling it after dinner the first couple days. Trust me though; it got so much easier once my body stopped craving that stuff. Believe it or not, you go dessert-less long enough, and you will stop wanting it. When I jumped on that scale after Lent was done, I tell you what that was a better feeling than any candy bar or cookie has ever given me…and I’ve eaten some pretty decadent stuff.

So whether your cravings come after dinner like me, or at any other point(s) in the day, stop giving in! Just imagine what is going to happen to your body once you stop dumping a boatload of carbs and fats into your system, sending your pancreas into shock twice a day. You will start performing better, looking better, and most importantly feeling better.




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