Summer Renovations- Get Excited!

Exciting improvements are happening at State of Fitness this summer!  

We are creating a large functional turf area for group coaching sessions, sled pushes, ropes, kettlebells, and endless results driven encouragement and coaching.  This top-of-the-line turfed area will also include a new Infinity Rogue Rack for TRX straps, Rip Trainers and tubing attachments, as well as provide more bench press, squats, and pull-ups stations.


Our barbell Olympic lifting area is expanding with rubber Rogue platforms, more bars, wall rack and bumper plates!

With more new toys than you can possible use in one session, you will be back for more!

Because we are dedicated to getting your results, we are replacing the ellipticals and AMTs with new, more effective and efficient rowing machines, Airdyne bikes and spin bikes.  Get ready for some serious cardio- State of Fitness style!

The outdoor training area is getting an upgrade too!  This week we installed a Rogue wall mount system that will lend limitless possibilities for the outdoor group coaching sessions, semi-private “finishers”, and functional training.  Let’s get that fresh air and sunshine rollin’! 

Along with the renovations, we are also restructuring our mind body program.  We will be offering private yoga and Pilates sessions away from the loud and lively ball slamming wall and group coaching area.  While State of Fitness is best known as the most innovative functional training facility in the area, we realize the powerful benefits of yoga and Pilates and are happy to be keeping them in our curriculum.  We wanted to get this information out to you as soon as possible! Please ask any questions, and we will be sure to give you answers.

Construction may get a little messy, and not always go as scheduled, so please be patient as we upgrade your training facility. We hope you will enjoy experiencing all of the improvements to your State of Fitness.  We are so excited that we are able to present so many upgrades and new equipment to you at once, that we just can’t contain it anymore!!!


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