Take Training Off the To Do List!?

Most people, after reading this title, look astonished that a person who has chosen a profession in the fitness industry would say to take training off the “to do list.” Let me explain a little more of what I mean before I am exiled forever for contradicting myself. More often than not when you ask someone what they have to do forto-do-listthe day they start listing off all of the chores and tasks that have to be done. As they start the list the same word repeats itself and that is the word “have.” For example you would HAVE to go to the grocery store, HAVE to go get your car washed and HAVE to go pick the kids up from soccer practice. As the list goes on the person is sounding more and more defeated with each task mentioned. Finally, the sentence that sounds like nails on a chalk board in my head and that is when people say they HAVE to go to the gym. People see the activity of going to the gym as more of a chore than they do a privilege. Now I know it would be close minded to think that everyone is cut from the same mold and should always look forward to exercising. However there are several different hints you can take to change your thought process and transition from HAVE to train to GET to train.

The first helpful hint I would recommend is setting a specific goal. This will include weight loss, strength gains, or other wellness goals that are able to be time bound. For instance I will lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Now this being said your goal should be realistic. Walking into the gym for the first time and setting the goal to front squat 315 lbs by the end of the week is more than likely never going to happen. Setting these goals will help to make the gym a mission as opposed to a chore.575116_10151157348133226_2099263509_n

A second hint is to find a work out buddy, especially if you are both fairly new. Having someone to keep you accountable and get you to the gym, especially on those days when you just don’t have the motivation. We have all been subject to peer pressure, now let us take advantage of it and have our peers pressure us to get off the couch and into the gym!

The third and final hint is to try and make training something you can’t go without. I understand this sounds good in theory but let me explain how this can be achieved.   This will take a lot of intrinsic motivation as well as self control but carve out time in your schedule for 30 days to train. It is a common saying that it only takes a couple weeks to break a bad habit and I believe the opposite is also true. If you can give yourself a good rolling start then your snowball of fitness will turn into a three ton snow boulder you will be proud of.

The “to do list” is a great tool to help complete chores and tasks. My goal for everyone is to have a separate list,  the GET to do list. This is a list of privileges you get to do and in no time your fitness goals will turn into realities. Make a goal, find a friend, and create a new habit, my three hints to turn that unwanted HAVE to, to a much needed GET to.

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