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The Amazing Benefits of Spirulina and Chlorella

Spirulina and Chlorella

These freshwater algae are especially great for strengthening the immune system and are a great way to stay energized. The tablets are created from algae at the source.  The algae are molded into a tablet – making this supplement a real food. No processing or heating is involved. Spirulina and chlorella are high in amino acids (protein) making them a great source for vegans or protein needs in general. It is also a good source of iodine.  Iodine is necessary for a healthy thyroid and metabolism.

Superfood Benefits

Spirulina with chlorella is an awesome superfood to take on the go. They are also good when you are not able to take your wheatgrass cubes. Ideally, you would want to take both wheatgrass and spirulina/chlorella since they do different things for the body (wheatgrass is the highest source of minerals, and spirulina/chlorella is especially great for the immune system). But, when you simply can’t take your wheatgrass or are on the go- double up on your spirulina/chlorella for that extra dose of greens and cleansing chlorophyll. You can think of spirulina/chlorella as your travel multivitamin/mineral supplement. 15-20 minutes before you eat is the optimal time to take. Do not chew them and make sure to swallow them.


Chlorella is green algae that contain the highest amount of Protein, Chlorophyll, and Nucleic Acids (RNA/DNA) of any food. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and lots of natural dietary fiber, which encourages better digestion and helps remove toxins from the body.

Spirulina is blue-green algae that also provide us with a broad array of nutrients, including antioxidants such as Phycocyanin and SOD. Spirulina is a high-energy food that is excellent for exercising. Both are complete foods with a natural balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Both are nutritionally dense and provide us with a broad array of nutrients.


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