The Annette Chronicles: Keeping it Positive in the Event of a Set-back

If you have seen Annette around the gym the past few days, you have probably noticed a change in her routine, and in her accessories;  she is currently walking on crutches. Having recently fallen, she had a nagging pain in her leg and difficulty moving around.  It has now been diagnosed as a torn meniscus, with no information yet on how long she will be out of commission.

I had reached out to Annette for an update on how she was doing this month, but got no word back, and understood as soon as she hobbled in to the gym last night.

“I wanted to e-mail you back, but I was having a really hard time coming up with anything positive to say.  I am just feeling very defeated right now.”

The good thing, though, that Annette realizes, is that she has maintained her weight during her change in activity.  She is also taking advice from Justin’s previous post about total rest vs. working around your injury (“rest”-become-a-viable-option/).  Annette has reworked how she spends her time in the gym and is making sure that she keeps moving!  Not 10 minutes after hobbling through the door, she was doing some serious work on the hand bike, sweating it out like it was her job, and no doubt working off some frustration.

Set-backs suck, and there is no easy way to say it.  It is easy to get deflated and discouraged when having to change your goals and your timeline.  IT IS OK TO BE MAD.  You can have moments of frustration and self-pity, AS LONG AS you regroup, and use that energy toward getting back on track, even if your journey is taking a little bit different of a path.  It is all about marching forward, no matter what obstacles are put in front of you.

Take a moment, get the emotion out, then focus on the positive.  Rest isn’t a bad thing, and is sometimes needed, but never lose sight of what is going to get you to where you want to go.

Revisit Justin’s blog for a refresher on the balance between rest and exercise, and for Annette, as well as the rest of us, keep your chin up :).

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