The Annette Chronicles: Who’s in the drivers seat?

As soon as I ask Annette how it’s going, she all but explodes with excitement.

“I LOVE JESS!  She makes it easy to want to do it and not boring.  And I am seeing improvements in my posture and range of motion, as well as strength.”

She has been working with Jess one-on-one, once a week for two months now, and Annette is glowing with the thrill of what she has accomplished.  Down 22 pounds to 342, she can now do kettle bell swings, one legged hip lifts and side planks.  She has also begun using dumbbells at work on her lunch break which gives her a mid-day energy boost.

Jess is constantly progressing her work outs, changing them up completely every month.  This helps avoid plateaus, keep her strength increasing and keep her from getting bored.  Annette notices the difference it make, saying, “I am feeling stronger every day, and I love feeling stronger.  It’s amazing how quickly I saw a difference, even before you can see it on the scale.”

She also feels more in tune with her body and more in control.  Her diet consists almost entirely of whole foods and is focusing on treating her body, not her taste buds.  Every day is still a struggle, but she is switching out of the “diet” mindset and thinking of it as a permanent lifestyle change.

“When you think of treats as slowly killing you, it makes you see them differently.   Treats shouldn’t be something that harm you; it’s about treating yourself better.”

Now that she has eliminated refined sugars from her diet, she craves foods that her body needs, and in the process has become extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and what her body needs to function at its peak.   Eating is no longer a chore or a diet, it is all about meal planning to make sure she is well fueled at all times.

Annette has also learned to break down her motivations to keep her going.  “I want to go to the zoo with my nieces so badly while they are still young enough.  When they run on their tippy toes, I want to be able to run after them.  I want to be able to get down on the ground and play with them.  I don’t want to be remembered as “Fat Aunt Annette”, I want to be remembered as “Fun Aunt Annette”.  So when I am on that damn treadmill, I’m not thinking that I want to make it one mile in 15 minutes, I’m thinking that I want to make it to the zoo.”

“It also helps being accountable to someone and have a support system.  I think everyone needs one; someone to push you and keep you from falling.  I used to think that having a personal trainer was an indulgence, but now I see it as a necessity.  It’s like having someone ride shotgun with you on a road trip to help you navigate and keep you awake.”

So with the State of Fitness team riding shotgun, we will navigate Annette toward the zoo.

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