Time to get Complex, Kettlebell Style!

Challenging, mentally and physically, complexes should be making their way into your routine if you want to get stronger, more powerful, lean up, or get a quick workout in. Complexes are a series of exercises performed right after another where all reps are completed before moving on to the next without releasing the implement you are using.

Complexes are very beneficial when needing a quick and effective workout. You can get a great workout in about 15 minutes, with one weight, and in a small space. Plus, seeing as most people won’t workout on vacation/trips because of crowded rooms and little equipment, hotels usually have implements that you can use to perform a complex. All you need is a few minutes!

At State of Fitness we do quite a few different complexes. I have a couple of my personal favorites and I’d like to share one with you.

I’m a huge fan of kettlebells. They are a great tool to use and are very common nowadays!

I have two versions of the complex; one is a starter complex, the other is more advanced. The complex is one sided so you will do one side of your body completely before moving on to the other side. There are four exercises, in which each exercise is repeated four times before moving on to the next. Perform two sets on one side and then move to the other side.

Starter Kettlebell Complex
        1. 1-arm KB swing
        2. KB windmill (loaded on the bottom)
        3. Squat and 1-arm press
        4. Reverse lunge with KB in rack position


The second complex is a little more advanced for those who have been using kettlebells for a while and feel comfortable with the moves.

Advanced Kettlebell Complex
          1.  1-arm KB snatch
          2. KB windmill (loaded at the top)
          3. Squat and 1-arm press
          4. Reverse lunge with KB in rack position


Again, do each exercise 4 times before moving on to the next.

Repeat two times on one side of the body before moving to the other side.

Repeat this complex 3-5 times.

When I decide on which weight to use I have to look at my limiting factor. I know my limiting factor is the 1-arm press; it’s the hardest for me! Therefore, I pick the weight in which I can complete 4 solid reps of the press.

Enjoy the complex!

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