Top 5 Fabulous Fitness Finds for Spring

1.  Bright colored pants and tanks.


Stores like, have great quality items and may be a bit pricier. They have sales a lot though which is when you can get some great stuff! Stores like Marshalls, Old Navy, TJMaxx, and Target carry a lot of fun and colorful workout gear although it may not be the highest quality.

2.  Jump Rope.


I absolutely adore my Rx Jump Rope. It is an amazing tool when traveling and needing a quick workout or supplement exercise. The jump ropes can come in many different colors of rope and handles, which is always a plus. Takes up a little space and gives you a lot more in return.

3.  Floral headband.


The sun will be (hopefully?) shining and the flowers will be blooming. Get into the spring spirit with a wonderful floral headband to spruce up your workout attire. Headbands always match with solid colored items, which tie in nicely with No. 1 on this list. Violet Love, Urban Halo, FabricWraps (Etsy) are some great brands.

4.   Alba Botanica Hawaiian 3-in-1 Clean Towelettes, Deep Pore Purifying, Pineapple Enzyme


Nobody wants dirt making a home on your face. Nobody. And with warmer months coming ahead we only get more sweaty. We can’t always hop into the shower as soon as we are done with our workout and when dashing off right after a sweaty sesh, give your face a little refresher with these happy wipes. They will help keep your workout grime out of your pores and make you smell good. Sold at Target or other drugstores. Around $5.49 for 30 count.

5.  Kettlebell


With workouts sporadic throughout the spring and summer, an at-home kettlebell is a great tool to have. They are easy to travel with, pack well, and are a fun tool for a lot of people. You have to be smart about what size you choose in order to do the most exercises with. Usually at home or travel workouts are not going to be your hardest strength training due to the fact that you only have usually one bell. Rogue Kettlebells are durable, good size, and cheaper shipping than other places.

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