Top 5 Fall Fitness Buys

As the chilly weather is now upon us, our clothing and accessories are bound to change. Mostly of necessity, and to keep us healthy, strong, and prepared for the nasty months ahead. Plus, we want to feel good! And when we feel good you usually can lift about 2 times heavier. Just kidding, I totally made that up.

Check out some Fall Fitness Buys that help me in my workouts. These things can add some new dimension to your training and help you take pride in the body that you bust your butt for by getting into the gym and working your hardest. Because you deserve it. And yes, you can tell your spouse that line if they ask why you went out and bought new clothes/accessories. 😉


As the weather starts to get colder I am less inclined to put shorts on for my workout. Having a great pair of pants or capris to work out in can feel like having a second skin and make you feel very comfortable. You want to be able to have a great range of motion without having to feel as though you must change your career path to becoming a plumber due to indiscrepancies.

I personally am more inclined to buy a nicer pant than a nicer shirt. Pants have to fit a certain way and make me feel at ease. I’m a huge fan of the brands Lucy, Athleta, and Lululemon. I have been able to find some cheap pants that have worked wonders for me but most of them sag down, ride up, or are see through when you squat, etc. And let me tell you, nobody wants any of that!

Love lulu crops!


This goes for men and women. As the weather starts getting colder, especially for the bright and early crew (Hello, 5 am wake up call!), you want to keep your noggin warm so you can actually think when you start to work out. Right? So you’re not just going through the motions. Right?? 😉

For men, a SmartWool beanie seems to do the job. They can be lightweight, breathable, and moisture wicking.

For women, usually a knitted hat works to bundle up into the gym especially if you just roll out of bed and do nothing to your hair. Once to the gym it’s easy enough to pull on a baseball hat and throw your hair into a ponytail. State of Fitness sells navy and black baseball hats and are extremely lightweight and comfortable.


It’s a bit hard to walk into the gym, take off your coat and just have your t-shirt, tank top or whatever on. It’s still cold!!! Having another layer on will keep your body warm or enable you to get warmer a little faster, thus improve muscle functioning. Keeping this layer on while you’re foam rolling, warming up, and possibly into your workout (hopefully you are pretty toasty after the warm up though!) will ensure you are starting out right on those chilly mornings or evenings.

Whether it be a zip-up, a sweatshirt, a long sleeve shirt, whatever it is, make sure it’s comfortable and makes you feel good. No one likes working out when their clothes are bugging them the whole time.

In terms of cooling down, you don’t want to end your workout and walk right out the door. If you can cool down before you leave, that’s awesome! If not, make sure to put that extra layer back on. When you’re in sweat soaked clothes and enter the cold, it makes for a bad combination of the chills and awful feeling right after your amazing workout.


In the summer it’s the best feeling to walk into the gym in flip flops and at the end of the workout take off your sweaty shoes and slide back into those sandals. As the days get colder we’ve got to protect our lower phalanges (and our upper ones too!) against the bitter extremes.

Therefore, having a nice, cozy sock to ease back into after your workout or shower can help them hold in moisture. I especially like Smartwool ski socks. They seem to give me enough cushion and comfort without making me feel like my feet are a furnace.

Also, using a different shoe to come in and out of the gym can give our tootsies some comfort too. Our gym shoes aren’t usually meant to barrel through the effects of fall, with rain, wind, cold temps, and lots of dirtiness. They are meant to cover your feet as you do work at your safe haven.

I LOVE my Merrell slip on shoes. They are one of my favorite things ever and I don’t care what anyone says about them. They are an uber-comfy shoe that is quick to get on (obviously; it IS a slip on), has great support, can withstand Fall’s forces, and reminds me that I just finished my workout, therefore, I do not wear my workout shoes outside but get the luxury of taking off those bad boys.


Again, as I said before, our extremities take some heat (rather some cold) during the Fall and Winter months and our hands are not to be forgotten. The moisture is seeping out of our poor little mitts and we need to take care of them if you don’t want your significant other, friend, or bank teller to freak out.

I know that my hands have already had two instances this fall where they have cracked and bled. Wah. No fun. Therefore, I have to be very good about hand routine in order to protect my feelers.

State of Fitness is a pretty darn clean gym. But there are always germs lurking everywhere. After you work out do you head straight out the door to 1. Touch the gym door, 2. Touch your car door, 3. Touch your steering wheel, keys, etc? I most certainly recommend heading to the locker rooms once you are done working out for just a quick wash of your hands as the flu season starts to near. Plus, we have TONS of fantastic information and recipes in the locker rooms. Once you are done washing your hands though you need to keep your hands healthy and crack-free.

Put on some of the thick hand cream we have in the locker rooms and then put on your GLOVES OR MITTENS to keep your hands feeling lovely without drying them out from 1. The germs, 2, the cold, 3, the washing.

I’m a big fan of mittens because they keep my hands warmer than gloves. I like Goose down mittens that I bought from Eddie Bauer way back when. They are super cozy. But I usually have to grab multiple things as well and need my fingers to be separated. There are some great tech gloves that can be used with touch screens so you can still do what you need to do while keeping your hands warm and locking in moisture so you aren’t that crazy person with calluses and dry hands (Oh, wait…that’s me. :/). I have a pair of Samsonite tech gloves that get the job done.


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