Top 5 Healthiest Gas Station Snacks

You’re heading out on a couple hour trip and soon realize you need fuel in the car and snacks in your belly. ASAP. Fast food is not an option for you because you’d rather not sabotage your clean eating habits. With summer approaching, we all will have our fair share of ‘bad’ foods at get-togethers and parties. And by all means, enjoy them! But we don’t need to go overboard in our everyday routine.

Therefore, if the gas station looks to be your only option then go with it. Start by putting down the chips, candy bar, and 32-ounce slushie. Take a look around to see what the place has to offer, seeing as gas stations can vary in their healthy options.

Here are my Top 5 Healthiest Gas Station Snacks:

sunflower seeds

  1. Seeds. Most gas stations will sell some sort of seeds and even unsalted kinds. Look for unsalted sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. These offer a great burst of calories, some healthy fats, high-fiber content. Remember to be mindful of your portions when eating high-calorie healthy food though.
  2. almondsNuts. You will usually find bags or cans of nuts. Look for almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios that are low in salt and completely raw. Although nuts are filled with delicious nutrients, limit your intake to a handful or two.
  3. Fruit. Many gas stations are offering bananas, apples, and oranges nowadays. A combo of some fruit and nuts/seeds would be a great snack! If there is no fresh fruit, look for dried and low-sugar fruit alternatives, such as raisins, dried apricots, cranberries, and prunes.larabar
  4. Bars. Bars are a great snack and if you can find a good one, you are set! Look for bars that are high in protein so it will satisfy you longer. Look at the ingredients too; most protein bars have tons of junk in them that do not make them any better than a candy bar. Keep the ingredients and sugars low. KIND bars and Larabars are wonderful. Dasani
  5. Water. Drink up and fill up with some water! Eating a small snack and guzzling some H2O will curb some cravings for a while until you reach your destination.

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