1. Reebok Crossfit Nanos


I love this shoe. It’s a great all-around athletic shoe that is put to the test in your rigorous training. Whether you are doing a group class on the turf, running sprints outside, or doing Olympic lifts, these shoes have the perfect combo of cushion, stability, ruggedness, weightlifting, and also being lightweight. FYI, if your woman is a size 9 and under you can buy them in a kids size (go down two sizes) and get them for cheaper!  Price $80-120

2. Shellac (Gel) manicure


Normal nail polish does not stay on when you are lifting heavy weights around or getting downright dirty in your workout. Sometimes when you are working out you don’t feel very feminine so anything to help out does! A shellac or gel manicure will last around 2 weeks before you have to take it off. No chips and a nice shine that stays for 14 days is exactly what a fitness woman needs! Price: $20-25

3. Lucy Pants


Pants are a touchy subject: you buy too cheap of them and you end up wearing through them quickly and giving people a show while your squatting, as well. I would rather spend more money on pants and buy cheap tanks and t-shirts to even it out. Lucy is a great brand that caters to women, their size, their activity, their body style, and they hold up great! They have so many different pants for the style you want and like. They usually have great sales, too! Price: $35-110

4. Rogue Jump Rope


A great gift to start a fitness woman out or to keep them going! Great for traveling or quick workouts on the run. This jump rope is sturdy and can be custom made. Price: $34.95

5. A pair of sparkly earrings


Back to the feminine thing; when we are working out we don’t always feel our most beautiful. To add to our femininity while lifting heavy bars over our heads, give a nice pair of earrings that sparkle or add to an outfit. These can be very cheap so you don’t care if something happens to them. Shop Claire’s or the Icing in malls, Kohls, Target. Price: $5-20

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