What is your favorite go-to healthy sweet fix?

Trainers are human, too. We get a hankering for something sweet, we go out for pizza, we eat a plate of french fries; we get that you have cravings. As trainers, and generally healthy people, we don’t allow these cravings to run our life. We also understand that the more we eat of that unhealthy food, the more we want it. If we can keep the Sugar Dragon at bay, we are much happier and healthier. But humans also get cravings, so want to know what our go-to healthy sweet fix is? Read on to see what each trainer likes!


My favorite is coconut oil on cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread! It is healthy and tastes awesome. I also like whole fat yogurt with some berries and a few dark chocolate chips!


My go to healthy sweet fix is Siggi’s greek yogurt with raspberries and chocolate chips mixed in it. This way I get my chocolate fix in, but it keeps me full at the same time. Siggi’s greek yogurt has more protein than sugar, and it has a nice creamy texture so it feels more like a dessert.


My favorite healthy sweet treat is a maple sea salt RX bar.


I find that when I’m craving sweets, fat and fruit are what really hit the spot for me. My go-to healthy fix is a banana with peanut butter or almond butter. But sometimes I switch it up with some full-fat Greek yogurt and berries. Either way, the combination of sweet fruit with satiating fat helps me fight the urge for something naughty!


I really enjoy a bowl of blueberries in milk with a teaspoon of sugar. It is a good summer sweet treat now that blueberries are in prime season.IMG_0557


I love sweets and cannot keep much in the house or else it’ll be gone in no time. So when I have a craving for something sweet, I will go for 1-3 Medjool dates, cut down the middle, filled with some peanut/almond butter with a few chocolate chips on top.


I like peanut butter on a banana and a protein shake. Be careful on how much peanut butter you use or else you can get into trouble quickly!


My healthy go-to snack would be a spoonful, or two, of peanut butter with some honey on top. The honey satisfies my sweet tooth while the peanut butter helps me stay full. If I want an even healthier and lower calorie option, I’ll choose a banana with strawberry Greek yogurt.

As you can see…

Most of our answers are quite similar, which is funny, but also shows that we gravitate towards the things that will satisfy us so we don’t eat a big bowl of ice cream. Usually, those foods are fruit and fat. They tend to really hit the spot! Try it out when you have your next sugar craving!

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