Trainer Talk: Life in 2017

What are you looking forward to in 2017? Do you have any resolutions or goals you’re striving for? Do you have an exercise that you want to improve or perfect in the beginning of the new year?


I just had my second hip surgery on December 6th, which is perfect timing to make a New Year’s goal or resolution. I’m looking forward to being pain-free in my hip and have it function at normal capacity. I’ve learned a lot about my body and exercise in the last 2 years due to my injuries. But I’m ready to move forward, and my last surgery went great. So I’m optimistic that with the right recovery plan, I can get healthy.

My major focus is to listen and collaborate with my physical therapist, Kai, and do all I can to get in shape with my own training and nutrition. I don’t generally make a lot of resolutions but from 2003-2006, I competed in bodybuilding shows that required me to prep quite seriously. Those are the only years I can remember I made some type of fitness-based resolution. The first part of 2017 will be pivotal for me, physically and mentally. I’m ready to work hard and the enjoy the fruits of my labor!


I’m mostly looking forward to beginning my Master’s degree starting in January. My first goal is to receive a 4.0 for the semester! Secondly, I’d like to get as strong as possible in the main lifts: bench, squat, and deadlift.


I don’t usually set resolutions for the New Year but I try to focus on something. A few years ago I said I’d like to start wearing more lipstick and that has stuck with me! Caring a little bit more about my physical appearance makes me feel that much better.

In 2017, it will be about more than physical appearances. I’ll be recovering from shoulder surgery, so getting my strength back will be my main priority. I’ve never had an injury that requires physical therapy or anything too intense. I am hopeful and looking forward to getting healthy! Finding new ways to work out and keep safe are always intriguing to me as well.

I’ll be going on my honeymoon (a year and half later…) to Italy this year so I am super pumped about that! 2017 will hold some wonderful things! 🙂


1. Pull 700 and Squat 700 Raw. Raw is simply in a belt and that’s it.
2. Make the All Time List. (If I compete equipped). The All Time List is a top 20 of the best ever in powerlifting, weight class to weight class – basically like a hall of fame status.  You are truly one of the best and strongest to walk the planet if you make that list. I’m getting close, maybe this year, maybe next, but definitely in my targets.
3. Run 100 Miles. It’d be an ultra, probably be 24+ hours for sure, no stops, just takes a long time.
4. Don’t Die.
I’m happy if I scratch any one of those off the list before my birthday. Including #4.


I’m very excited for 2017 and all of the opportunities that it can provide, not just professionally but also in my personal life. At home, I continually strive to be a better husband to my wife as there’s always room for improvement! Home improvement projects linger throughout the warm seasons and I’d like to work on being more diligent on those projects.

Professionally I would like to work on my time management. Being more productive on hour-long breaks from training is tough a lot of the time because it’s so much easier to just relax. I’m going to focus on daily tasks and work to accomplish those tasks within a designated time frame.

A 550 pound deadlift has been alluding me for some time now, and I’ve set my sights on that number for the year 2017!


I love the holidays and the start of the new year! After the holidays, I clean up my eating and drinking and make it a point to get back on track with my healthy habits. My main focus for the beginning of 2017 is to follow my training and work hard to get ready for the Arnold in March. The Arnold is a lifting competition named after Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the competition, I will have to get a best lift for my squat, bench, and deadlift. Adding my three best lifts together I would love to get a 900 pound total!


I’m looking forward to growing as a trainer at SOF and I am excited to work alongside such a good group of people. Outside of work I am looking forward to summer and spending time with my family on vacation.

When I played college basketball, we never really did groundwork. We probably should have but never did. When I came to State of Fitness in August as in intern, the Turkish getup was one of the first things we learned and I just couldn’t figure it out! So many different movements and it just felt awkward. After practicing and getting help from other trainers it has become one of my favorite movements and something I am going to work on a lot this coming year. My goal by the end of 2017 is to do a 97 pound full TGU with both arms. Which means I better start getting to work!

In 2017 I’d like to really work on the ol’ barbell Back Squat. I used to hate this exercise and I mean hate it. I can count the number of times I squatted in the weight room in high school – and the only reason I did was simple: my friends and teammates would yell out “toothpicks” whenever I was lifting, hinting at my small legs. As funny as it was, I never truly thought I would love squatting.


In 2017 I’m looking forward to three more weddings all over the country! We get to travel to Mississippi (Chris’ hometown), California, and Denver for weddings. I am a bridesmaid in one and he is a groomsman in another. This travel will also include seeing family at a time when we normally wouldn’t, so that is an added bonus.

As for resolutions. Two years ago I set a new years resolution to put at least 10% of each paycheck directly into my savings account. For two years I’ve done a pretty darn good job of sticking to that, and I intend on continuing it into this year. A little goes a long way over time, and it’s something I am proud of doing.

My exercise related goals are simple and not terribly specific. I want to continue to work on getting stronger and I want to be consistent with my workouts. I struggle with consistency. I also want to get back into running, it’s an emotional exercise for me and I miss it! Just shooting for two days a week, no marathon training right now!


Also, for the new year I want to focus on intensity. My consistency is there but I’m not putting in a ton of effort. Maybe that will manifest as more semi-privates or just working out with someone else. Also, I want to start being more strict in my diet before bed. That’s the big thing I struggle with, and I’ll really try to lock it in come the new year.

Happy New Year SOF Family!!! We can’t wait to see you crush your resolutions in 2017!

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