[Trainer Talk] What is one habit that you’re trying to improve?

“Stop doing that, start doing this.” Oh, okay. Sure thing, jelly bean. It’s so simple to stop doing that and start doing this, I’ll get RIGHT on that! *eye roll*

Changing habits is hard. Most people have a big surge of motivation and they want to change everything, all at once, all right now! It’s nice to feel that inspired but it rarely carries over to long term goals.

As trainers and health professionals, we try to make not only your workouts great but your life great. How can we better your workouts to better your life and vice versa? A lot of our goals and habits need to include life outside of the gym.49147212

We asked the trainers what habit they are trying to improve in their life. Check out their answers, maybe you’ll be able to relate!


The habit that I am trying to work on is a daily analysis of my body. What this means is each day I am taking 5 to 10 minutes to see what is tight, what is sore, and what issues I need to address. For example, if my shoulder feels a little sore or tight from the day before, I will foam roll and mobilize that area a little more after I go through the whole body foam roll session. This takes a lot of patience and I must take the time to do it so my body stays fresh and healthy.


One thing that I am working on is getting more sleep. The early mornings make it tough for me to get 8 hours, but it just requires some planning. Planning could look like anything from turning off the electronic devices an hour before bed or avoiding a nap late in the day. I feel so much better on a full tank of sleep, it is worth working on.


I struggle with my food consumption speed. As trainers, we can get 2 minutes in between sessions and usually a bathroom break takes precedence. We can eat at lightening speed, which is be39df252e371d52ba4cfb6eeda1a6f8e7d680b1fa4c41db9f947776e184b2f2great when we are training clients but not so great when we are trying to enjoy a meal. I have to really focus on putting my utensil down in between bites. Because I can eat so fast, I tend to eat more than what I need because the full feeling hasn’t kicked in yet.


Locking in on an appropriate balance of fat/carbs/protein for my current training goals.  I’ll be working on drastically increasing my muscle mass and strength but would like to avoid too much accumulation of excess size.  It’s a tough mix because it is never going to be completely clean if you want to get truly jacked, but it doesn’t have to be a miserable process either.


I am trying to improve my eating habits. The summer was fun and a little bit of a splurge, so I have been working on cutting out carbs and alcohol to help get back on track. I have been really focusing on getting in a solid protein and a handful of veggies at every meal.


I am trying to improve my social media presence because it is very difficult for me to put myself out there. In order to change, I will be setting up a posting schedule to hold myself accountable.


I am working on staying consistent with my workouts. Now that summer is over and my schedule has leveled out, I am prioritizinimagesg 3-4 workouts per week, even if one or two are just light movement and not heavy/intense workouts. I know that consistency is key to success so I am making it a priority to fit in workouts even when I feel like I’m too busy.



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