Trainer Talk: What is your Favorite Conditioning Tool/Equipment?

13692690_1328978687130551_4981206293517925690_nBringing you some Trainer Talk to enlighten the crowd with what WE like to do! We like to lift, we like to eat, we also like to condition (once in a while :|) Just kidding, we LOVE conditioning! But we are not all equal in our amount of love towards a piece of equipment.

All of the trainers were asked if they had to choose a piece of equipment or tool to use for metabolic conditioning, which is their favorite. Read on for a little more info about your trainers!



My favorite tool for conditioning is the kettlebell. You can scale the intensity for each individual easily and can perform many different types of workouts with them. My favorite for conditioning is fast paced circuits. Combine swings, squats, presses and carries and your heart rate is sure to get up, fast! You also get an added strength and muscle building benefit by putting the body under load, in a safe manner when compared to barbell circuits. Not to mention you can weave Kettlebell exercises into circuits with the rower and bike for an even bigger metabolic hit.


Kettlebells because you can roast yourself with a complex like swing squat press and carry. Once you become comfortable with the hip hinge stringing all the movements together starts to feel more like a dance move rather than a workout.


My favorite conditioning piece of equipment would have to be kettlebells! They travel easily and there’s an unlimited amount of different kettlebell complexes and exercises that you can do with them.


Kettlebells are my favorite training tool for conditioning because they are so versatile. You can really blast your entire body with just one bell. I also like to use them with other equipment like the rower or sleds. One of my favorite finishers is a 10x100M row with 10×10 swings.


I love the AirDyne and rower for metabolic conditioning. Most people prefer the rower but I love them both equally. Whether it is a longer bout of conditioning, like a 1000-2000 m row, or intense intervals, like 30 on/:30 off on the AirDyne, it gets my heart rate sky high, legs burning, and leaves me feeling good for the day. To me, the AirDyne and rower are a surefire way to make sure you are getting some great conditioning in.


Any rower/bike and Carry combo. Great to get the heart rate elevated on the equipment and then just when you think the carry will be a “break”, boom, it takes the air right out of you.


My Favorite Conditioning Equipment?  Your Body and a Smile!

Ultimately, with my own personal interests that’s what it’s all about, what can your body do?  I want to run, jump, crawl, climb, sprint, laugh, and gasp for air!

Whether it be a set of mountain climbers or burpees, a 10-mile run or some sprint intervals, I love knowing my body is ready to go.  Weights are cool and I obviously like lifting, but being an athlete and a balanced person is all about being able to utilize the greatest gift you’ve been given yourself.


My favorite conditioning tool would have to be the kettle bell. I hate to sound repetitive, as I think this is the favorite among most people, but the KB is too versatile to be compared to any other piece of equipment. Whenever I don’t have time to go to the gym I can use my personal KB to do countless exercises. I can get my heart rate up and even work on basic positions in the Olympic lifts, which I love so dearly.


My favorite conditioning tool would have to be the sled. It’s simple to use, works every muscle in the body, and rarely causes injury. I opt for sled pushes for most workouts because few pieces of equipment give you that burn like the sled does.

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