[Trainer Talk] What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

thanksgivingmemeThanksgiving: a national holiday celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year. Well, shoot, we didn’t partake in any harvesting of foods but we are thankful for those that did!

I asked the trainers what their favorite part of Thanksgiving is, or what their favorite foods are. Here are their answers!


My favorite part of thanksgiving is the leftovers. I love having lbs of turkey and stuffing left over for the next couple days. No cooking, but I keep getting to eat that glorious meal over and over again


Thanksgiving is such a special holiday for my family and friends because we spend it at the Couch Ranch, which is our family cabin up in northern Michigan that has was built by my great grandfather in 1936. We have been going up for Thanksgiving for 20 years now; I don’t remember a Thanksgiving not spent at the ranch. We spend Wednesday through Sunday playing Euchre, eating delicious food, going for long hikes in the woods, and enjoying each other’s company. Hunting, four wheeling, and our annual game of kick the can are also included throughout the weekend. There are three families that go, including mine, and there are 10 “kids” ranging in ages 16-26, and we enjoy this time more than Christmas. I also eat pumpkin pie for dessert and then
breakfast the following morning, haha! Gotta keep those family traditions! Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving was never a big holiday for us. My sister and I disliked Thanksgiving foods so we did not look forward to the event. It also was never a big family thing, Christmas was more of a holiday for my extended family to get together. As I’ve gotten older, I DIG some Thanksgiving food!!! I am ALL about mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, roasted veggies and more. And I’m game for trying a couple desserts. Plus, my aunt always makes the best martinis. I definitely let loose and enjoy.


I always look forward to Thanksgiving. My oldest son, Brennan, was born on November 20th and I remember the Thanksgiving after he was born. What a great time!platethanksgiving So, that is my favorite part: his B-day. I also like that it is the start of the holiday season. Football is getting more interesting and there are more parties andget-togethers with people you may not be able to spend time with during the year. It is a great time to connect and be thankful for all the people in my life. As for the food, I like the combo plates, meaning I like to mix all my food together; mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, stuffing and whatever else! My plate only looks clean and neat when I am done!


My favorite part of Thanksgiving is being able to spend an extended period of time with my family, rather than just a day or two. It’s nice to just have stress-free, relaxed time with them. My birthday also usually falls right around (sometimes on) Thanksgiving, so that’s an added bonus!


My favorite part of thanksgiving is simply just being able to spend time with my family. I don’t get to see them often so that’s what I look forward to most!


With the obvious exception of eating everything that comes in front of me, I would have to say it is the quality time spent with all of my family. I know that sounds obvious but it is very rare to get all of the family together at once. Getting the opportunity to catch up and see how everyone is doing is always a great experience and it makes me appreciate all of the different personalities and quirks that my family has. It is also fun to see the civil pride and rivalry come out with the football games that are played every year. I am a big sports fan and Thanksgiving is one of the times that more people watch football out of tradition and that is very fun to see.


For me, the food doesn’t really matter.  I like the shift from everyone’s normal day-to-day busyness, to a more relaxed and slower paced day.  It’s a reminder that there’s probably weirdos in your family, maybe you, but regardless you remember what a big part of you is born of.  I love stories, and these tend to be those times when you get to hear things from people that maybe you never knew.

Happy thanksgiving from your state of fitness family!

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