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For general questions and inquires please drop us an email using our contact page or connect with us at State of Fitness Facebook. To sign up for a membership, simply select “Sign Up” below and you will be directed to our Mindbody site where you can select your membership, start date and proceed with checkout.

Private Personal
Training Memberships













Includes: One small group conditioning training session each week

Single sessions $75 - $100

Small Group Personal Training Memberships










Includes: one 30-minute on point strategy session each month

Includes: one small group conditioning training session each week

Includes: customized workout program


Training Service

$70 - $100

Small group coaching


sports paid session


virtual trainning month


virtual training member enjoy (2) 30 -min consults & monthly program design

Private Personal Training Memberships

  • 1x month: $179
  • 1x week: $399
  • 2x week: $659
  • 3x week: $959
  • Includes: One small group conditioning training session each week
  • Single sessions $75 - $100

Small Group Personal Training Memberships

  • 1x week: $199
  • 2x week: $279
  • 3x week: $379
  • Includes: one 30-minute on point strategy session each month
  • Includes: one small group conditioning training session each week
  • Includes: customized workout program

Private Personal Training Memberships

  • 1x month: $179
  • 1x week: $399
  • 2x week: $659
  • 3x week: $959
  • Includes: One small group conditioning training session each week
  • Single sessions $75 - $100

“State of Fitness has changed my life! They really teach you every aspect of fitness, and care about your recovery. I am always challenged during every session, and look forward to seeing my fitness family when I am there!”

- Chris Evans

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Our facility is open from 4am to 12am. To gain access during these hours you will need to download Salto KS in your app store. (Key fobs available for purchase $25)


Anything related to scheduling and signing up for our sessions will take place on the our app. You will need to download the State of Fitness app from your app store.


Anything related to scheduling and signing up for our sessions will take place on the our app. You will need to download the State of Fitness app from your app store.

Small Group Training

Small group personal training is like a fitness-focused coffee date with friends. While it’s small enough to offer quality and intensive focus, it’s also big enough to be fun and enjoyable. For years, small group personal training has been increasing in popularity for a few crucial reasons.

Not only is small group training affordable, but it’s also a fun way for clients to interact with friends or new people, learn something new from a personal trainer, and enjoy a workout group dynamic all at once. In fact, small group personal training is particularly appealing for active living clients. Active living for seniors caters to their unique needs and avoids some of the particular pitfalls of larger group training experiences.

Small group training doesn’t have the intimidating boot camp feel, for example. This makes it more welcoming for active living clients looking for an enjoyable experience.

What’s the difference between small group personal training and one-on-one training?

The most significant difference between small group personal training and one-on-one training is the attentiveness and focus of the coach. In one-on-one coaching, instructors are only there to focus on a single person.

Small group personal training programs allow trainers to make personalized adjustments and recommendations based on the individual’s performance. In small group personal training, meanwhile, the instructor is there to focus on about 3-10 people. While this takes down the individual focus just a bit, it still offers a high level of personalization and an opportunity for adjustments. This is part of why small group training is such a great fit for active living clients. Because the injury is an increasing risk with older clients, small group training offers the dynamism of a group exercise experience, but all of the one-on-one focus and injury prevention of individual training. 

When compared to boot camp or HIIT-style classes, small group personal training offers a much higher level of specific movement focus and finesse. In a HIIT class, the instructor’s goal is to give the entire class a “hard” workout, not to correct individual movements for active living clients.

5 Benefits of Small Group Training

Whether the exercise is twenty minutes or an hour, small group training is becoming incredibly popular at gyms and fitness centers around the country. Here are five good reasons for that shift:


Small groups typically include groups of 5-10 people. This limited group keeps these classes accessible but ensures the motivation level remains high. This is critical for people who find it difficult to get motivated to work out and will help ensure people generate the results they want from their workouts. Even if you’re not naturally a competitive person, working out with others is an excellent way to push harder and come out of your fitness shell.

Less Injury Risk

By definition, small group training is meant to cater to people with varying fitness levels. The benefit of this is that it decreases injury risk for people and helps everyone move forward at the same time. Additionally, since small group sessions include short training times, it’s easier for busy people to fit these sessions into their schedules. Ideal for people who can manage about 30 minutes of a workout session, small-group and HIIT sessions are a great way to get incredible results, avoid injury, and stick to a schedule all at once.

Personalized Time With a Trainer

Even people who don’t partake in one-on-one training will benefit from the individual time associated with small group training. By design, small group training focuses on providing each attendee with plenty of time to interact with and learn from the trainer. Whether the participant is learning to use a new piece of equipment or navigating around an old injury, this personalized time with a trainer is invaluable.

Lifestyle Maintenance

For active living clients, small group training allows them to continue the lifestyle they are looking for, like to play more golf, tennis, or play with kids and grandkids. This is a significant benefit for many such clients. While HIIT or personal training can be too intense for many active living clients, small group training is an excellent way to support real lifestyle goals while also staying in great shape.

Building and Reaching Attainable Goals

A critical aspect of motivation for active living clients is goal-setting. These clients may not have the same goals as younger clients or endurance athletes, for example, but they know what they want, and they need a personal training program that will help them reach those goals. Small group personal training does this. Because small group training offers these clients a chance to gauge their actual fitness level and work on ways to enhance their fitness while working in a fun and motivating group. In this way it is a motivating workout environment in which to set goals and crush them. With the help of a skilled trainer, small group classes can set comprehensive, team goals and achieve them quickly and easily.

Small group personal training programs run for different lengths, depending on their goals and objectives. As a general rule, most small group personal training programs last between four and six weeks, although some are larger or shorter. This is ideal for active living clients, as it provides enough time to see results, but is not long enough to impede other responsibilities or commitments. In some cases, small group personal training programs may run even longer. This is typically the case if the program is preparing clients for a specific event, or has a particular fitness goal in mind.

By 2030, Baby Boomers ages 65 and older will make up 21% of the U.S. population. Right Now, that number hovers around 15%. Either way, it’s clear the number of older adults in the country is growing, and that many of them are searching for ways to remain active and fit.

If your gym wants to cater to these active living clients, you’ve got to consider their unique needs and requirements. These include the following:

  • Health History: Before you begin a small group training class focused on active living clients, you’ve got to take full health histories. These health histories should scan for old injuries or any pre-existing conditions that may keep them from participating fully in your course.
  • Perceived Limits: Some active living clients have boundaries that they want to stay within. With this in mind, you’ve got to understand what’s reasonable and unreasonable to expect from these clients and develop a plan for staying within the lines. While you can help them expect more from themselves, you can’t treat them like 25-year olds.
  • Modifications: If there are old injuries with your clients, it’s your job to help them find modifications to work around these things. Adjustments are simple ways to make specific movements more comfortable or accessible for some seniors.
  • Cardio and Strength Training: Cardio and muscle mass development are both critical considerations for people who enter your personal training classes. Sine muscle mass and balance both decrease with age, active living clients, will benefit massively from a focus on both these things.
Overall, the goal of the Small-Group Training Session (formally called Semi-private training session), stays the same: provide the most comprehensive training system that keeps members safe, builds strength, and power output, and improves joint and muscle tissue development. Our new system will improve our ability to work towards our goal together. The session length stays the same (50-60 minutes), and the same length and the sign-up process are the same. What is changing is the Max size (4), and the delivery. At the beginning of each month, members will have access to all the workouts via our My State of Fitness app. The movements will be outlined in detail so that you can see what we will be working on each month. There will be a detailed video explaining the program and its overall structure, and a breakdown of components of what is to come. This is not only for people to work out on their own at the gym or at home when needed but more importantly, it will help guide you during the session. We will provide regressions, progressions, and modifications for each exercise. You and the trainer decide what you want to do or what should be working on. The goal is to individualize the workout as much as possible This is just one example of how we will be improving the delivery of our workouts with you. The outline will be very similar to what it is now. The focus of the workout will be different for each one while also focusing on the body as a whole system, IE. a full-body strength routine. Below is an outline example of a workout:
  • Mobility-Based Warm-up
  • Power Development and Core
  • Strength Training
  • Strength-Focused Finisher
  • Mobility Cool-down or personal work (Ex. extra arm work, core work, lift technique, etc.)


If you are looking for a fast, efficient workout to improve your cardiovascular fitness and health, our Small Group Conditioning sessions are the way to go. This is not your typical “burn” type workout. It’s not all HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout. Our workouts are based off sound research and training protocols that are proven to get results. We focus on properly using science-based interval training protocols to improve your VO2 Max, and train the heart muscle both concentrically and eccentrically – an important factor for both cardiovascular fitness and health.

Having only 6-people in a Conditioning session helps reduce the risk of injury and allows us to deliver more focused workouts. In a smaller group setting, we can write workouts that can allow us to make adjustments and focus on the members much better. Not only does the smaller group allow us to provide a better workout, it provides a platform for both the trainers and the members to connect with each other. With multiple Conditioning sessions scheduled back to back, there will be more people crossing paths with each other further strengthening the gym community as a whole. 

Below is a brief outline of what you should expect from a Conditioning workout.

  • Warm-up (5-10 minutes)
  • Interval Cardiovascular Training (20-25 minutes): Bike, Rower, Ski Erg, Treadmill, etc.)
  • Endurance Strength (5-10 minutes): Ex. 8-minute Circuit of KB Swings, Push-ups, Ball Slams.
  • Mobility Flow Cool-down Option


The 30-minutes on the schedule are for the efficiency of the scheduling system for the trainer, and for the overall flow of the training sessions at the facility. The workout will last 40-45 minutes overall. The goal of a conditioning session is to increase VO2 Max (heart-lung efficiency), blood flow, endurance, and longevity. For those looking to lose body fat, they go hand-in-hand. With our NEW conditioning sessions being only 6 people, we can now coach REAL interval training that scientifically gets the job done. Come see for yourself.

“This gym has changed my life! The semi-private classes offer a low pressure way to really work on all of the different parts of the body. A few short months after joining, every part of my body felt better as a result of the training. I have been in for over a year and always look forward to getting to a class. The workouts change on a regular basis to keep things interesting and hit different muscle groups. Other gym members are extremely friendly and at a variety of age and fitness levels. The trainers are all excellent – each with a slightly different perspective and way of motivating the class and explaining the different exercises. Peppy background music adds to the energy of the gym. I highly recommend SOF!”

- C. Hadlock

“This place is the best. I look forward to working out here every single time. The trainers are knowledgeable, kind, and empowering. The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. I’ve been a member for 6 months and have gotten so much stronger in that short time. A lot of the strength and conditioning movements have some sort of core work involved – after having 2 kids, this is the first place I’ve found where the workouts are really helping me get my core strength back. You can do a trial to see if you like it first, which I also found to be really helpful. People were so friendly and encouraging when I first joined, and really made me feel welcome. 5 stars- the best!”

- Liz Spector Callahan

Try it before you buy it

21-Day Personal Training Experience

We believe in trying it before you buy it, and our personal experience says it all. That’s why we’re providing a 21-Day Training Experience including everything State of Fitness has to offer for only $79. No flashy gimmicks, no magic pills. We offer the most effective workout programs and highly qualified trainers to help you reach your health and fitness goals!

Included in your 21-day experience

  • Assessment:
    A “Starting Point” session to determine your level of fitness
  • Personalized Program:
    An individualized program designed around your specific needs.
  • Small Group Sessions:
    (3) small group training sessions per week at our Lansing Stadium District facility.
  • Conditioning Sessions:
    (1) conditioning session per week.
  • APP Access: Access to our My State of Fitness App and workouts.
  • Facility Access:
    UNLIMITED access to our Lansing Stadium District facility for 21-days. (Open 4am-Midnight)
  • Our Team: A community of members and staff that will encourage you and celebrate your wins, every step of the way!
  • RESULTS! Get stronger, move better, and have fun!

Why choose State of Fitness


You’re not joining a gym, you’re joining a family and a community of like-minded people that will give you the positive support and the environment you need to succeed.


We make it affordable so that anyone can afford to be healthy. State of Fitness is a fraction of what it would cost to hire a 1-on-1 personal trainer and you get a whole lot more.


Here at State of Fitness, you are not just a member. We make it our mission to hold you accountable and make sure that you reach your goal.

Highly Qualified team

You will not find a more educated, highly qualified team of trainers in Michigan! A bachelor’s degree and nationally accredited certification, along with our 8-12 week internship lead by owner, Justin Grinnell, are requirements.

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State of Fitness is so much more than just a gym.
We strive to be the best part of your day, every day!

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