TRX Finisher

Want to add a little fire to your upper body day? Try this TRX finisher that I learned from my boss Justin Grinnell. I love this finisher because it really forces you to stay disciplined while you are tired. If you do this right, you should be feeling the burn somewhere between the 5th and 6th exercise. Remember throughout this finisher to keep your hips and shoulders in a straight line, and keep your toes up!

Do 10 reps of each exercise in this order without rest. If you need to move your feet forward or back to adjust the resistance so you can maintain proper form, go ahead, but do it quickly as possible!

#1. Rows

TRX pic 1

trx pic 2





#2. Face Pull

face pull 1

face pull 2

#3. Y’s

trx  y's

#4. T’s

trx t's


#5. I’s

trx i's

#6. External Rotations

 trx external 2 trx external 1

#7. Bicep Curl

trx bicep curl

#8. One arm Rows X 5ea arm

trx one arm 1trx row 2


#9. Hugs

trx hugs

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