Weekend Warrior 12/9/16

pinterest-weekend-warrior-12_9This is Jess here!

When you’re ready for a quick at home workout or at the gym, this is a fabulous one! You can modify these workouts to what you need or what you can do. For this one, I was able to modify for my shoulder, seeing as I was dealing with a torn labrum and I was actually in pain during this time. I always want you to listen to your body. If you are in pain, change it up.

For this workout, I couldn’t use my right arm, but the very next day I was able to use it doing some things. I’ll take it!

This workout is 3 rounds of :45 seconds on/ :15 seconds off. You can always add rounds or change the work to rest ratio as needed.

  1. 1-arm KB swings or you can do 2-handed KB swings or alternating
  2. Split squat jumps (or reverse lunges)
  3. Hallow rocks or holds
  4. Alternating 1-L RDLs while holding KB in goat bag position or down
  5. plank reaches or plank

Try it out and let me know how you like it!

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