Weekend Warrior Workout 12/23/16

Whoa, whoa, whoa! This workout is a bit of a doozy. It is also one of my favorite holiday workouts because it’s just plain HARD! I always like feeling accomplished and a smidge sore and tired before I eat some indulging foods during the holiday time.

5 rounds of :

10 Kb swings—10 squats—5 pushups

15 KB swings—10 squats—5 pushups

25 KB swings—10 squats—5 pushups

50 KB swings—10 squats—5 pushups

At the end of the workout it ends up being 500 KB swings (what), 200 squats, and 100 pushups. Please adjust the swings if you need to, do NOT do the 50 swings if it is not suitable for you. To modify, you could do goat belly swings, DLs, or cleans instead of swings, or even hip lifts if you need to take the back out of the equation. Squats can be done with the weight that you’re swinging or air squats.

For men, a 53# would be recommended and for women, 35# would be recommended. Adjust as needed.

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