Weekend Warrior Workout 12/30/16

It’s Jess again this week. 🙂

This workout is dear to my heart because I performed this while in North Carolina with Maddy as my partner in crime. We were at a conference and at an airbnb. The driveway was somewhat slanted down and super close to a busy road. We were out when it was just starting to get light and we watched as the traffic picked up to go to work. I like to think that maybe we gave them a little inspiration to start their day.

We did 5 rounds of this workout, with just a single kettlebell.

  • 25 swings
  • 20 ea mountain climbers
  • 15 KB thrusters (squat and press fast)
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 5 push ups

That’s it! I do remember that I only wanted to do 4 rounds because I wanted to get in the shower but Maddy was like just do the fifth round and hurry up. UGH. FINE! Partners usually make everything better. 🙂


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