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Weekend Warrior Workout 27

Weekend Warrior Workout

We like to give our readers these workouts to help with those in-between days, where you don’t have time to sign up for a session, but you still want to kettlebell, exercise, swingdrop into the gym and get a good sweat in.  If you plan on 3 sessions per week and add this workout in on the weekends, you’ll be in great shape!

This workout is easy to follow.  Warm up and then get all of your equipment out first. The reps will decrease with each set. With the high reps, this is supposed to be challenging. At 20 reps, you should have to take a break with some of the weighted exercises (dumbbell thrusters, wall ball shots)

The Equipment:

Jump Rope


In the first round, each exercise is 15 reps.
In the second round, each exercise is 10 reps.
Finally, in the third round, everything is 5 reps.

The exercises:

Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
Spiderman Push-ups
Lateral Lunges (no weight, reps for each leg)
Jump Rope (2-minutes each round)

Remember, this will be a test of endurance so, move as fast as possible! Take a break if you need to, 15 reps is going to be tough!

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