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Weekend Warrior Workout: METCON Classic


There are three exercises that we have utilized in our conditioning sessions since we opened 8-years ago: kettlebell swings, wall ball shots, and burpees. We don’t like to go too high on reps to make sure quality stays consistent. The 10-Rep Mark over and over again seems to do the trick without compromising the integrity of the workout. After a quick warm-up, perform this 8-minute AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible) and see how many you can get!

8-minute AMRAP of:

10 kettlebell swings (women 20-35#, men 35-53#)
10 wall ball shots (women 8-14#, men 14-20#)
10 burpees

Take breaks as needed and let us know how you liked the workout on Facebook!

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