What to Eat While Traveling

Summer involves a lot of travel for most people. It also involves grad parties, weddings, parties, etc. Most of us work so hard to feel good about our bodies and when summer actually hits we throw it all out along with the cake, garter toss, and Forth of July fireworks.

If you WANT to eat healthy while on the road then please read on. If you do not care about eating healthy while on the road then please pass this on to someone who does.

There’s a great investment that I want you to make if you haven’t already. It’s called a cooler and ice packs (or even Ziploc bags). This investment will save you money, anxiety, and extra pounds on the bod.

If you are going to a hotel then they may have a refrigerator, which is awesome! You can go buy food at a local grocer and put it in the fridge. YES! I suggest you make sure your hotel has one if you are flying somewhere. If you are going to be gone for a short amount of time and in the car, then a cooler is a great choice.

I went away for two days and knew I was going to have a big cheat meal (Chicago stuffed pizza- oh my gosh, amazing). I didn’t want to waste any extra money and time trying to find food over the weekend and just “deal” with whatever I found. By the way, that’s a great excuse; “I could only find McDonalds so that’s what we ate”. I really have no pity on the 3 pounds you gained then. #notprepared food on the go

On my two-day trip, I packed a cooler full of foods that are healthy and satisfying and could last me for the two days I was there. I didn’t eat nearly all of it but I had extras in case something happened or I spilled something, which happens a lot. And I like to share.

What was in my cooler? Well, glad you asked!!

Like I mentioned, I didn’t even eat all of this. I came home without even touching some foods. The point is, if I needed something I would have had something. Yeah, I know it’s not the greatest to eat cold steel cut-oatmeal for lunch the next day, or eating another Rx bar but, seriously, deal with it. Or don’t.

For the cooler, I used ice packs and brought a couple Ziploc bags. When I got to the hotel I filled the Ziplocs with ice and put them in the cooler. Yes, it leaks out from condensation so make sure your cooler can handle it. I figured that out the hard way one year.

Everyone’s situation isn’t always ideal on the road but make the best of what you’ve got. Don’t waste your hard earned time in the gym on a weekend of crappy food because you didn’t take the time to plan for your needs. Prep ahead and feel so much better about your trip, especially if you have an indulgent meal!

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