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When you just don’t feel like it…

When Y0u Just Don’t Feel Like It

There are many times, and I’m sure we have all been there, where we just simply don’t feel like working out. Whether it was a long day at work, you feel under the weather, or you are sore and tight from the day before. Trust me when I say I have experienced this first hand and it is tough to get out on the floor and try to put together a meaningful workout. I just experienced this not too long ago and that is what inspired this blog. How can your intrinsic motivation trump such an overwhelming desire to do anything but workout? While I was sitting and thinking this over I came up with three points that have helped me power through those days of a lull and help comprise a productive day in the gym.


Three Ways to Overcome a Lull

1) Take a Day

The first one I am going to tackle is a day of recovery and mobility. If you think every day in the gym you are going to feel like setting personal records you are lying to yourself. Some days your body just needs some rest and recovery. Now, that does not mean you shouldn’t go to the gym, go home and call it a day.

One of the most beneficial things you can do on that day is a mixture of stretching/rolling, and some light rowing or Air Dyne. Now just saying the words row and Air Dyne sends red flags in the air for most.  I understand, but try and hear me out. Spend a solid 10 min rolling out the areas that are bothering you and then go 10 light minutes or the Air Dyne and repeat two or three times. This recovery will help ensure your more strength days to be more productive.


2) Just GO

One of the toughest times to workout is at the end of a long day. At the beginning of the day, you have the full intention to go and get a workout in after you have finished your day’s responsibilities. As the day drags on, you find the idea of working out becoming less and less appealing. To make matters worse, this is one of the days when you don’t have your workout buddy. It seems as though all of the stars are aligning to try and keep you from getting in a productive workout.

A pointer I have for you is to simply go to the gym. That’s all. Sometimes just being in the gym atmosphere will get you moving. It may sound a bit of a reach but there is a certain energy that is given off by people in the gym and it may just be the jump start you need to get moving.


3) Stay Home

The third and final pointer I have is for the people that feel under the weather. This will be contradictory to my entire blog and I am fully aware but if you feel sick, don’t go to the gym. Sometimes the best thing for your body is actual rest and if you have an infection the last thing you want to do is infect others as well.

Not every day is going to be a groundbreaking, plateau destroying, personal record holding day at the gym. This does not mean that the day has to go to waste and you want to set yourself up to be the best you can for those memorable workouts. Some days you won’t feel like the hulk, but even the hulk had his much needed days as Bruce Banner.

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