Why Full Body Workouts are the Best!

The Semi-Private coaching format at State of Fitness incorporates all major muscle groups to provide full body training. There are many reasons why this template is superior than training individual body parts, and will in fact yield a greater return for your efforts!

Balanced Body

Let’s look at this from a practical standpoint. Visualize the process of lifting a bag of dog food off the ground and transporting it to refill your dog’s dish. Do you stand tall and lift the bag using only your biceps? No. You squat down using the quadriceps and glutes as support and grasp the bag engaging all upper body muscle groups in order to brace yourself to lift the load. Activities of Daily Living (ADL) recruit multiple muscle groups that engage in order to perform the given movement. Taking this into consideration, training the body as a whole will be the most beneficial in assisting various activities of daily living.

Maximize Calorie Burn & Fat Loss

Full body workouts have the greatest hormonal response compared to split training routines. It all comes down to this simple idea; the more muscles stimulated during a given workout, the greater the release of fat burning hormonal releases. With this in mind, if your goal is centered around fat-loss, you will have the best results by choosing exercises that stimulate multiple muscle groups.

Lower Time Commitment

 While many of us live busy lives, finding time to get into the gym can be a challenge. One of the biggest positive about full body workouts is that the frequency of your visits to the gym will decrease. Training the entire body can be effectively preformed only 2-3 times per week, which allows for more time for other obligations in your life. Full body workouts may take longer to complete compared to a split-routine, but if you consider the overall weekly time commitment they require, you will still end up much farther ahead than with other programs.

Increased Muscular Recovery

Since the frequency of full body workouts is only 2-3 times per week, having a day of rest in between sessions will yield great muscular recovery while compared to split training every day. While using a split routine you may not be working the same muscle every day, some people fail to fully recovery when training everyday.

Full body training is the most ideal for majority of people. While many struggle to find time to get into the gym, training multiple muscle groups will yield great results and still save you time to live your lives. When done properly, full body routines can be used to build maximum amounts of muscle regardless of what your fitness level happens to be.

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