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Why We Train The Way We Do At State of Fitness


In a training session, do you ever wonder “why do we do that?” Every part of a strength program is important for different reasons.  Understanding the “why?” can be all the motivation or reason we need to make sure we aren’t skimping on any given portion of our workout.

Foam Roll/tissue prep

Warming up and preparing our muscles for exercise is important not only for your safety during the session, but it will also aid in the longevity and recovery of your future training sessions.  Think of our muscles and tissue as a jar of play dough. When you first pull it out of the container it’s tough and hard to work with. You have to work with and knead the dough to easily form it into the shapes you want to make. Think of this portion of our training session as “kneading the dough.” 


Mobility is something I hear most people say they are lacking.  Mobility training helps to increase flexibility and range of motion, as well as preparing our bodies for the specific movement patterns mimicked within the strength and conditioning portions of your workout. Mobility training shouldn’t only be considered before exercise.  Occasionally taking time out of your day to stand up and stretch, or doing some mobility drills before bedtime can aid in better sleep as well as overall muscle and joint recovery from the busy day


Power is something we lose as we age. Generating muscle power is the ability to move your body dynamically with intensity as well as being able to stop or rotate your body quickly. For example, during medicine ball throws, when we tell you to “throw the ball through the wall,” we genuinely want to see the power behind the throw.  Throwing things hard and jumping and bounding are fun, but training our bodies for a quick response also aids us in normal day-to-day activities as well.  The ability to generate power and quick response is going to assist us in mishaps such as tripping on a rug and having the quick ability to stay on your feet.


For some, building muscle and physique, chasing a personal record, or simply the joy of lifting weights is the drive we need to train. For others, Increasing bone density, lowering blood pressure, and recharging metabolism may be what keeps you putting your training shoes on. Whatever your reasoning, a fully functional fitness strength routine trained consistently and frequently will aid in all aspects of life. Consider next time you deadlift a kettlebell or do one arm bent over a row, how those movements may aid in the stability and strength of picking up a grandchild, carrying a heavy box, or even simply opening up a car door.


Exercises such as skiing, cycling, rowing are all activities that will increase endurance as well as assist with our cardiovascular health and aerobic capacity.  Training in different durations of time, as well as intensity, are ways to adapt in the different scenes of our day such as hiking a trail or pushing a heavy cart around the grocery store.

Once the question of “why?” is answered, the next question that follows and only gets answered with consistency and coaching is “how do I do this well, safely, progressively?” I’ll show you next session. See you on the turf.



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