Your Story: Dan Smeak

Name/Age: Daniel Smeak, 34 

Hometown: Williamston, MIimage

Occupation: Construction Management

My days growing up were spent outside exploring, building and climbing outdoors. This carried on in college where I spent the summers crawling over roofs to make a few bucks, skateboarding, and backpacking.

Before I knew it I had a career in the construction industry, an amazing partner to share life with and one..two..four ridiculous, crazy, spectacular children.

Every minute of every day was allocated. The roof was replaced by a desk. The endless spring of energy appeared to be drying up; pants shrinking, motivation waning, diet addicting, anxiety weighing. Oh No! I’m Old(er)!

Through my friend Google I met SOF in March of 2016. The moment I walked through the door I was greeted with a friendly face and a tour. Until this point I had never set foot in a gym, imagealways figured I could keep fit on my own, except when time ran out, I didn’t. I signed up. After a few kettlebell swings, squats, planks, kettlebell swings, bear crawls, Brandon jokes and kettlebell swings, I spent the next two weeks in pain, ‘good I did something good’ pain.

Six months later… Anxiety relieved, diet controlled-ish (I love food), motivation go go go, pants back to normal and my energy level has added hours to my day! To top it off I feel stronger and look fitter than I ever did.

Thank you to all of the trainers who take the time to teach proper techniques, hone the workouts to your individual abilities even when injured and simply care enough to remember your name and ask how the kiddos are. Time to play!

Having a difficult time keeping up with the kids? Come in to reclaim your health!

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