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Owner, Justin Grinnell has always had a deep passion for health and fitness. With a BS in Kinesiology & Exercise Science and over 20 years of experience, he founded SOF to offer a supportive and helpful environment for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. His passion for wellness has led him to become a nationally recognized speaker, but he’s never lost focus on his true mission of providing the local community with a welcoming space to embrace fitness.

Our philosophy centers on treating every client equally and training them like an athlete. Regardless of age or fitness level, strength-based training helps everybody achieve their goals. 

We know you’ll love it at SOF, which is why you can try everything we have to offer with our 21-day Training Experience. You’ll be paired with a personal trainer and nutrition coach for fun and challenging workouts and guidance on how to nourish your body to support your new fitness goals.

We can’t wait to meet you!

A Membership that fits your needs!

We have a range of membership options, including private or small group training, and conditioning sessions to suit your budget, goals, and lifestyle. 

We believe that personalized attention and guidance are essential for your to achieve your fitness goals. That’s why we offer our 21-day Training Experience that includes a personalized assessment and program designed by our qualified trainers to get you started. 

Our team of highly qualified trainers is ready to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Sign up online or meet with one of our trainers to experience mid-Michigan’s most inviting gym.

Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches at State of Fitness

Work with our highly-qualified personal trainers.

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Results-based training to achieve and sustain your fitness goals.

Personal Training with Cable Extensions at State of Fitness

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Meet Our Team

Owner and Personal Trainer Justin Grinnell
Justin Grinnell

“I love the team atmosphere at State of Fitness that encourages everyone from all demographics to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle in a fun effective manner.”

General Manager Katie Grinnell
Katie Grinnell
General Manager

“I love knowing we are changing people’s lives and watching members leave feeling empowered after seeing what their body can achieve.”

Jessica Stemen Head Personal Trainer
Jessica Stemen
Lead Trainer

“I love how genuinely friendly everyone is; we all truly love being around each other. SOF really is a close-knit group of people that want to better their health.”

Amy Feldpausch

“SOF is a community of like-minded people who want to better themselves – physically, socially & mentally. It’s refreshing to step into the doors and to enjoy working at such an awesome facility!”

Angel Trevino Personal Trainer
Angel Trevino

“What I love about SOF is the sense of community and the mindset of the staff and the members to reach a common goal. The overall goal of moving more and becoming healthier for whatever reason. I love that this place feels like a home away from home, surrounded by friends and a strong community and no matter what kind of day I am having the facility seems to always make my day a bit better.”

Laurie Nelson Personal Trainer
Laurie Nelson
Lead Trainer

“People wanting knowledgeable fitness and nutrition guidance is the driving force to what brings them here. The friendships and camaraderie between members and trainers that develop along the path of that journey is a huge part of what keeps them. Hard work, legitimate coaching, compassion, and positive relationships among everyone is what makes our community at State of Fitness so unique and special.”

Steve Flintoff Personal Trainer
Steve Flintoff

“I love the people. At SOF, you’ll find a fitness community that’s authentic, compassionate, connective, and relational. It’s a group of positive, like-minded people who share a common goal: to transform the body and mind and achieve a higher quality of life. The true reward is helping people make a positive change and harness untapped potential they didn’t believe they possessed.”

Michael Uren Personal Trainer
Michael Uren

“I love the sense of community in the gym. All the members are extremely nice and very welcoming. I love being able to work with such an awesome client base! The members are also very serious about their goals, and as a trainer, I love the challenge.”

Aaron Hamann

“Before doing anything physical you need mental clarity, social support, and to be in an environment that is going to feed your goals. That’s exactly what I get from State of Fitness. This community of trainers and members is so welcoming and supportive. I always leave feeling like my cup has been filled.”

Discover Your Passion as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Through Our Elite Internship Program

Looking for a career in sports performance and personal training? Are you inspired to help others achieve their fitness goals?

We invite you to apply for our exclusive internship. You’ll receive the training, knowledge, and experience to start a rewarding career empowering others to live their best lives through fitness. We have had over 400 students participate in our State of Fitness University Internship Program over the last 14-years. 

The program offers 140+ hours of instruction, exposure to different areas of the fitness profession, and guidance on attaining certifications and continuing education components.

Hone your skills by coaching a diverse group of people while utilizing owner and head trainer Justin’s 21+ years and 35,000 hours of training and coaching experience.


State of Fitness is a leading mid-Michigan training facility that specializes in results-based fitness programs, sports performance and healthy lifestyle guidance; empowering the lives of all who walk through our doors. We believe strong people who move often have a better quality of life.



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